You CAN Do You!

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You CAN do you! That’s what this class is about: “You can do you.” It’s very, very basic. You’ve been “doing you” your whole life. And if you have self-confidence, you know you can “do you” no matter how challenging your life is. Self-confidence is about, “I’m 100% successful being me.” That’s what self-confidence is. You are not good. You are not bad.

Just getting that “you’re 100% successful being you– that’s what self-confidence is. And this is skill. It’s a consciousness skill. And you can learn this skill. If you don’t have self-confidence, you can learn it. That’s what Tom’s University is all about. These are skills. You’re not born with self confidence or a lack of self-confidence. It’s not a character trait to not have self-confidence. It’s a skill, and you can learn this skill. Yeah. That’s the class today: “You CAN do you!”

Listen to Podclass on “media player” below (7mins.) & tell us what you think. Recorded Sunday, August 22, 2010.  (4th Class period out of 4.)

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