Say Yes! to Self Awareness, Say No! to Fantasy Awareness

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Some highlights from this class:

  • When is it not in your best interest to be aware of yourself, of what yourself is doing, what yourself is feeling, what yourself is thinking, what yourself is wanting, what yourself is being?
  • Fantasy-awareness is being all in your head and thinking about the future or thinking about the past and not being aware of the reality of your body, the reality of yourself in the moment. Self-awareness is something that happens in a moment, a present moment.
  • Fantasy-awareness is any awareness of yourself that’s an idea, that’s not this moving alive energy in you. Anything other than that is fantasy-awareness.
  • To the degree that you make your choices based on fantasy-awareness, you’re leading yourself astray. Just for example, one very, very, very, very, very, all too common fantasy-awareness, for a lot of us human beings, is fantasy fear. Fear is optimally functional when there’s danger, when there’s clear and present danger to your aliveness or to the aliveness of your loved ones or your teammates or close at hand people.  In any other moment it is not a functional response to reality.

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