Love the Details of Your Life (Day 3) — Transcript

Tom’s University.   Love the details of your life.  Love the details of your life.  Love the details of your life. That’s what this class is focused on, learning the skills of loving the details of your life.

So there’s the love skill. What is the love skill?  How do you know if you’re loving yourself?  Well, some hints are:  you’re paying attention to yourself.  If you’re loving someone, including yourself, you’ll be paying attention to them.  Okay?   Yeah, love is not an idea.  Love is something you do, and it is something you do in present time.   If you’re doing something and it’s not… Anyway, I don’t know how to say it, but it’s easy to think you’re loving yourself, and you’re really just in a head trip, you’re just in an idea or you’re in a story or in your fantasy.  Yeah, if you’re really loving the details of your life, you will be paying attention to your life in the moment, okay?  So, you’ll be aware of yourself in the moment, you’ll be aware of your aliveness, your energy, what your body is doing. You’ll be paying attention to yourself, that’s it.  If you’re not .  .  .  . , whatever it is that you’re doing, I’m telling you, it’s not loving yourself, okay?

So, this is skill. Love is an attentional skill. Love is a directional skill. Yeah, love is a directional skill, an intentional skill. It’s a verb. Yeah, I’m going to say that again, love is a skill. So this class is about building your skill to love the details of your life.

Okay, so “the details,” what is that about?  That means love the whole of you.  So love all the parts of you, all the details, love what you’re feeling right now.  Love includes .  .  .  , love embraces .  .  .  , love is an accepting skill. Love is an accepting skill. So if you’re rejecting part of yourself, you’re not loving yourself. Yeah, so love the details of your life. The details are the reality, love the reality details of your life. Yes, yes, yes, yeah.  So that’s another aspect of this class, it’s the skill of loving the reality of the details of you. What are the details of you?  Well, you’ve got to pay close attention to yourself continuously. What are you doing now? Where you at right now? What’s going on with you? Where is your mind right now? Where are your thoughts right now? Where is your energy right now? Where is your attention right now? Those are all part of the details. What time is it right now? What’s your timing right now? That’s all part of the details. Well, love the details of your life. You matter.

Now, your life, okay, well, your life, it includes the aliveness in the moment, and it includes the macro of your life. What’s your age? What’re your family circumstances? What are your financial circumstances? What is your community context? What are your work contracts? What are your relationship contracts? Yeah. What are your goals? What are your desires? What are your intentions for your life? It includes all of that. Yeah. So you’re important. You matter, your life matters. Love your life. Love the details of your life. And if you’re like picking and choosing, [laughter] and only loving this part and you’re . . . . What is happening when you’re doing that?  You’re censoring yourself.  And you’re putting yourself down because the parts of yourself that you’re not including, you’re actually judging as not good enough. So, that’s what this class means. Love the details of your life. Love the details of your life. Yeah.

The micro, the just basic physiological, psychological present reality details of your life, and then the external details of your life. Yeah. Love your life. It’s a skill. It’s a skill to love yourself. It’s a skill to love. It’s a skill to pay attention. It’s a skill to accept the reality of yourself. It’s a skill to be in reality with yourself and accept yourself as you are. You can learn these skills and what I’m doing more and more at Tom’s University classes is picking a class that you can just give yourself this direction all day, you know, inwardly, “love the details of your life.”   And then take in that direction and readjust if you’re doing something different. Yeah, that’s the class today. Love the details of your life.