Carol S. Dweck

Every parent, teacher, therapist, coach, manager, student, would benefit from knowing, internalizing, and applying the basics of the 30+ years research of Carol S. Dweck as summarized in her 1999 book, Self-Theories: Their Role in Motivation, Personality and Development and in her 2006 book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

This research is foundational to the teachings at Tom’s University and Learning Goals Institute, where “Life is Learning”.

Check Out:

Carol Dweck’s Homepage with links to many of her research articles

The Brainology® Program website based on her Mindset research

Mindset website

Check back later to find out how reading about Dr. Dweck’s research in A Social-Cognitive Approach to Motivation and Personality changed Tom’s life and why Carol Dweck and her research since the early 70′s is one of Tom’s Core Teachers.