Stay in Charge of Your Body, Your Mind, Your Feelings, While Solving Problems

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Every moment of your waking day you’re faced with a choice: “Do I do this now or do I do that now? Do I pay attention to this or do I pay attention to that right now?”   And really every “choice point” is a problem.  You get it?  “Which choice to make” is the problem of the moment.   There’s always a problem to solve: an attention problem, an attitude problem, an action problem.   This is a principle at Tom’s University: “Life is Problems.”

The goal of this class is to motivate you to want to build your skill at being in-charge of your body, being in-charge of your mind, being in-charge of your feelings, while you’re facing and solving every problem (“choice”) of your day.   Many of us react to “problems” as “bad” or “negative”.  No, no, no!  When you’re in reaction, you’re not in charge of your mind, your feelings, your actions (think toddler having a temper tantrum). You can’t problem solve (choose) effectively if you’re in a reaction to the problem.  Problems are not good or bad.  They are as simple and easy as: “Do I hit the snooze button and sleep another 5 minutes or do I get up right now?”  Or as complex and life-challenging as: “What do I need to do to earn money for me and my family now that I’ve lost my job in the middle of this deep recession?”

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