Say Yes! to Where You’re At. Say No! to Resisting Where You’re At.

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Coach yourself to “Say yes! to where you’re at”, and to “Say no! to fighting with where you’re at, resisting where you’re at, judging where you’re at, criticizing where you’re at, denying where you’re at, pretending you’re not where you’re at.”  Say yes! to where you’re at.

The principle of this class is that the reality of where you’re at, at any moment in time, is the reality of where you’re at. Period, end of story.  That’s the truth.  In any given moment in time, you are where you’re at –  physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally, spatially, temporally — just for starters — not to mention you are where you’re at chemically, hormonally, historically, ethnically, culturally, etc. etc.

The more you can coach yourself to say yes! to accepting, being aware of, being in reality with, the truth of “where you’re at”, and say no! to resisting, criticizing, denying, the reality of “where you’re at”, the more optimally functional and dynamic your life will be.  The reality of “where you’re at” is always the starting place for growth and learning, and you’ll be much, much happier the more you can coach yourself to live in the reality of “where you’re at” as opposed to fighting with “where you’re at.”

The goal of this Podclass is to encourage, motivate, inspire you to coach yourself to “Say Yes! to where you’re at physically.”

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