Love the Details of Your Problems

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Love the details of your life every moment of your life, and love the details of your problems, every moment of your waking life at least. There’s always a problem on your plate.  Life is problems.  .  .  .  .  “What do I pay attention to right now?”  “Do I pay attention to this? Do I keep doing this or do I stop doing this and do I do something else?”  Problems, as I’m framing them, are as simple as that, and of course there are more complex problems: relationship problems or work problems, neighbor problems, time management problems.  Right?  The gist of this class is that good problem solving skills require the skill of “loving the details of the problem.”

“Love” in the most fundamental sense means “pay attention”, “pay attention to the problem”, “accept to the reality of the problem”, “care for the problem”.  That’s “loving the problem.” Yeah, love the details of the problem, of your problems. That’s the optimally functional strategy for problem-solving:  “Oh, what is this problem?” “Oh, and what is it about this problem?”  “Oh, let’s see, can we solve this piece of the problem?”   If you “love the details of the problem” on your plate, you’re going to “love” (enjoy) the challenge of solving the problem. Yeah, “love your life”. “Love the details of your life.” “Love the details of your problems”. That’s the concept, the class, the direction for this class.

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