Love the Details of Your Life

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Verbatim Excerpt from Podclass: “What’s occurring to me is, ‘Oh, if you’re loving the details of your life, you’re loving this second. You’re loving the details of this moment, so you’re loving time.’  Wow!  [laughter]  Excuse me, but I’m like… I spent most of my life fighting time, and just as I said that, I really feel like… Wow!  .  .  .  ‘loving time’ .  .  .  . Wow! [laughter]  What a concept, and I’m actually having an experience of it right now, at this moment. Wow!  ‘Loving this moment.’  I’m… I’m actually speechless, and from my understanding of ‘love’ that… Yeah, love is… Wow! Love is really a very, very, very present moment experience. Wow! ‘Love time.’ Wow! If you’re loving the details of your life, you’re loving the details of this moment.

“I can’t .  .  .  , it’s blowing my mind a little bit. Wow!  ‘Loving this moment, loving time.  Love… Love the details of your life.’   If you’re really doing that, if you’re really loving your life in the moment, you’re going to be loving time, ’cause time is part of your life. Wow!  And I never thought of that before. Yes, time is part of your life, there’s an objective element of time, and there’s a subjective element of time. And they, I don’t know, integrate in you in at any moment in time.”

Listen to the Podclass as Tom shares his visceral experience of “loving time.”

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