Love the Details of Your Life (Day 3)

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Love the details of your life. That’s what this class is focused on, learning the skills of loving the details of your life.   How do you know if you’re loving yourself?  Well, one hint is you’ll be paying attention to yourself in the present moment.   If you’re loving someone, including yourself, you’ll be paying attention to them in that moment.    Love is not an idea.  Love is something you do, and it is something you do in present time.

It’s easy to think you’re loving yourself, and you’re really just in a head trip, you’re just in an idea or you’re in a story or in your fantasy.  Yeah, if you’re really loving the details of your life, you will be paying attention to your life in the moment.  You’ll be aware of yourself in the moment, you’ll be aware of your aliveness, your energy, what your body is doing.  You’ll be paying attention to yourself, that’s it.   If you’re not .  .  .  . , whatever it is that you’re doing in that moment, I’m telling you, it’s not loving yourself.

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  1. Debbie @ Happy Maker (11 years ago)

    Yes Tom we do have to love the details of our life. And living in the present moment is so important. I see people walking around now days talking on phones, text, etc. and they have know idea what beauty is around them. When you love the details of your life you will find that happiness your looking for.

  2. TSH (11 years ago)

    Thank you so much, Debbie. Right on. Our culture does not encourage “loving the details of our lives”. Our culture (especially our educational system and our “advertising system”) encourages us to put all our attention on concepts, ideas, and mostly concepts and ideas about the future, rather than living attentively each present moment. Tom’s University is all about building one’s “attentional skills” to live life fully, effectively, happily in the moment. Sounds like you’re focused on keeping your “happiness muscles” growing!

    Thanks for your support & encouragement.