Learning Goals Institute Books (LGI-Books) is a another project of Learning Goals Institute, LLCLGI-Books is dedicated to producing books that will “cross-over” to “the mainstream” to help to “educate the culture” about “ways of living,” “values,” and “beliefs” that are centered around Basic Principles of Life for human beings.

LGI-Books now has over 200 Book Ideas developed over the past twenty years from Tom’s exploration and study of the life question, “What is a Healthy Human Being?”

Currently, LGI-Books is focused on producing the following three books:

Book #1 is focused on the attachment, stress response, brain development research that underlies the Basic Principle that you need to Feel Safe in any given moment or situation in order to be Optimally Functional in that moment.

Book #2 is focused on the Basic Principle that a “Grown-Up”doesn’t “have to” do anything he or she does not want to do.  Whereas children under a certain age do “have to” do things their parents require them to do, a “Grown Up” (who isn’t in prison, in a highly repressive country, or a slave) gets to evaluate the consequences of doing this action or that action or not doing this action or that action and deciding, based on that evaluation, whether he/she really wants to do or not do the action.

Book #3 is focused on the research that supports the Basic Principle that we human beings are Group Animals, “hard-wired” to belong to, be part of a group.  In essence, we human beings do best when we are part of well-functioning  Teams.

CHECK BACK LATER for more thorough summaries of the research and the progress of these books’ development.  The foregoing are over-simplifications of the research and the books.

IF YOU ARE A SCIENCE WRITER and find Tom’s University interesting, you might be interested in writing opportunities at Learning Goals Institute and LGI-Books.  Contact us here at Tom’s UniversityUse the Contact page and include links to your work and science writing experience.