Basic Principles of Life

Every Class at Tom’s University is focused on a Basic Principle of Life that is either supported and validated by credible research or is so basic and self-evident as to need no scientific validation or support.

What do we mean by “Basic Principle of Life”?

  • It will be a principle of Optimally Functional behavior (including mental “behavior”) for human beings of all ages and environments
  • It will apply, be relevant, in virtually every situation in one’s daily life — except possibly in those rare moments (rare for most of us) when one is faced with a clear and present danger

The Litmus Test for whether a topic in a Tom’s University Class is a Basic Principle or not is the Pop Quiz : “When is it NOT in your best interest to [insert verb for the Basic Principle of the class]” such as “When is it NOT in your best interest to be aware of the feelings in your body?”  or “When is it NOT in your best interest to be in charge of your attention?”  or “When is it NOT in your best interest to be aware of the reality inside yourself and around yourself?”  If the answer is anything other than “Never!” or “It is always in my best interest to [insert Basic Principle],” then it will not qualify as a Basic Principle of Life for all us human beings.

Check out two or three Tom’s University Podclasses, and see if you think the class topic fits as a Basic Principle for your life.   Let us know your experiences with studying, learning, applying Basic Principles of Optimal Functionality in your life.  And if you think some Podclass topic doesn’t apply in all situations for a “typical” human being around the world, let us know what you think.