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This is an aliveness skill class. “Choose life”. It’s also an attention skill class, a consciousness skill class. Every class at the Tom’s University is an aliveness skill class, a consciousness skill class, an attentional skill class.

The opposite of “choosing life” is to be passive –  spaced out in your consciousness — on automatic patterns. You can be a million miles away in your head. You can be flooded with feelings, obsessed about something your boyfriend did yesterday or last week, or even last year.  .  .  .  .  .  . Those are examples of not choosing life.

At the most basic level, “choosing life” is all about feeling the aliveness in your body.  At the simplest, “choosing life” is being, or choosing to be, aware of your feelings, your alive feelings, choosing to be aware of the aliveness in your body. It feels so different to be aware of your aliveness in the moment, to be “choosing life”, than to be “all in your head”.

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Listen to Podclass on “media player” below (6mins.) & tell us what you think. Recorded Monday, August 23, 2010.  (2nd Class period out of 6.)

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