How to Reach Others

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This class focuses on four Basic Principles of how to reach others -- how to relate well with others -- how to have good relationships: Consciously value yourself Consciously value the other Consciously want to reach/relate to the other Consciously make the effort...

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Share Who You Are with the World Consciously

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You are who you are. It's not any more complicated than that.  You're not more than who you are and you're not less that who you are.    Many of us, however, try to share only the "good parts" and hide the parts we don't like or that we judge as "less than" or even "bad." ...

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I Belong, You Belong

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This class is about building the consciousness of "I Belong . . . .You Belong .  .  .  . I belong in this moment .  .  .  .  I belong in this family .  .  .  . I belong in this work environment .  .  .  .  I belong in this school .  .  .  .  I belong in this...

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How to Play Well with Others

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To be successful at any human endeavor requires good relationship skills.  You can "get by" in modern life without having good skills at playing well with others, but you won't be happy or successful if you settle for "getting by." Improving your skill at playing well with...

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The Present is Neutral (2nd Class)

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The present is the playing field of life. The present is where life happens, where problem solving happens, where feelings happen, where creativity happens, where real relating happens. The present is the playing field of life and it's neutral. By not being in the present we...

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The Present is Neutral

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This present moment is neutral. Every present moment is neutral, and the life energy inside of you, inside anyone, is neutral in the present moment.  And that's where the juice is.  That's where the happiness is -- in the present moment. Happiness is a feeling that only...

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Be Committed to Who You Are

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Be committed to who you are first and foremost.  Many of us have the orientation of being committed to what we're doing and not being committed to who we are while we're doing.   That doesn't work so well.  It's actually one of the ways we cause stress for ourselves. It's...

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Don’t Question Life, Live Life

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"Don't question life" is not some injunction against questioning the big philosophical questions of "Life."  This class means "don't question the life - the aliveness - that's happening inside yourself right now.  Don't question the life that's happening inside yourself and...

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Care for Yourself, Care for Your Team Mates

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If you're caring for yourself, really caring for yourself every minute, you're gonna have an awesome life.  If you're caring for yourself while you're at work, caring that you do your best, caring that you relate effectively, you're gonna do your best work. When you're...

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Care for Yourself Now!

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What does it mean to "care for yourself now"? It means to consciously care for your existence, your beingness -- to care for the importance and value of your very aliveness each moment. Tom cheers the class on to "care for yourself now!" and recommends you cheer yourself...

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