Body Awareness, Self Awareness

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Without Body Awareness you won’t have Self Awareness, and Body Awareness is really, really simple. It’s as simple as: “what does your body feel like right at this moment?” That’s it! That’s what body awareness is. What’s going on in your body right now? What does your face feel like? What do all of the parts of your body feel like?  Where IS your body and what is your body doing and what does your body feel like?   And what does your body need right now?  Your body is really, really important for your happiness, for your functionality, for  .  .  .  .  EVERYTHING!   Without your body, you wouldn’t be. It’s that simple.

The more aware, consistently aware, of your body you are throughout the day, the more in charge of your life you’re going to be. It’s that simple. And the converse is true, too. The less aware of your body you are during your average day, the less in charge of your life you’re going to be, and the less happiness you’re going to have, and the less functionality you’re going to have, and the less success you’re going to have.

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