Be Open to Learning Where You’re At Every Moment

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This is back to Socrates saying, “Know thy self.”  Who are you? Who are you in this moment? Not an idea of who you are, not a story of who you are. Where are you at in reality in this moment? That’s what this class is about. It’s really, really a basic skill. Be aware of where you’re at. Be open to learning where you’re at every moment.

The “be open to learning” part of this class is because it’s so easy for us human beings in the modern world (or probably in the non-modern world too) to go into a fixed judgment of who we are, and we’re always at the same place. No, no, no, no, no. You’re never at that same place. You’re alive. You change every moment. So where you’re at, even physically, changes every moment. And certainly where you’re at mentally changes every moment.   So too where you’re at emotionally is fluid and changing all the time.  Be open to learning “who you are” in each new moment.

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