Be Open to Learning What You’re Feeling Every Moment

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You’re body is full of life. Every cell of your body is full of life. Well, I don’t know about every cell… Some cells may be dead.  Yeah, some cells, but most of the cells in your body are alive right at this moment. There’s a feeling of energy to your life. There’s a vibration to your life, to the life of your cells. And it’s changing, changing, changing, every moment. You’re alive, you’re alive, you’re alive. You change every moment.  So this class “Be open to learning what you’re feeling” is for your consciousness to get that, helping your consciousness live in the reality that you’re changing every moment. You’re not a fixed entity, and nothing around you is a fixed entity. Life is moving, changing, flowing. Be open to learning what you’re feeling right now — every right now.

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