Be Open to Learning to Do What’s Needed For Your Life Every Moment

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Your life is special. Your life is unique. Your life is vulnerable. Your life could be taken away in an instant; by a bullet, by an accident, by not paying attention, by disaster. Your life is very vulnerable, and your life needs to be taken care of. Your life needs to be cared for. Your life is important. Without your life, you wouldn’t exist.  It’s that simple.

Get the importance of your aliveness. And feeling your aliveness, being aware of the aliveness in your body every moment. Yes. The class is “be open to learning to do what’s needed for your life every moment.” Your life needs to be taken care of every moment, and if you’re not aware of your aliveness in each new moment, you’re not going to be able to know/sense/evaluate “what’s needed for your life” in that moment.  Each new moment really does require that “open to learning” attitude to discover what’s needed in the next moment of your life.

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