Be Open to Learning to Be a Part of the Whole & Do What’s Needed

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You can have this great idea about all the principles of this class; be open to learning, be a part of the whole and do what’s needed. And you can have it just in your head. You can have it just in concepts — just have a story of it. For many of us that’s a good starting place, but it’s not reality.

Reality is what happens inside your whole body system; your body-brain system, your body-mind system. So to really be open to learning in the moment, to really be open to life in the moment, it requires you owning your body, being aware of your body and owning your body. If you’re not aware of your body and owning your body, in-charge of your body, you’re probably in a head-trip. The more you are aware of your body and all the different parts of your body and the more that you’re aware of your body as a whole, you as a whole being including your brain and your body and your feelings in the moment and being aware of how your body and your energy changes every moment, the more happy, the more optimally functional you’re going to be.

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