Tom’s University – Origins

Since his mid-20′s Tom’s been studying the following “Life Question”:  What is a Healthy Human being — a mentally, emotionally, behaviorally healthy human being? Now, more often than not, he uses the term “optimally functional human being” rather than “healthy human being” because many people seem to get “triggered” in some way when they hear anyone talk about there being any foundational principles of a “healthy human being,” a “mentally healthy person,” an “emotionally healthy person” or  a “behaviorally healthy person”.  There seems to be much less defensiveness to the term “optimally functional human being”?

A couple of years ago (2008) Tom thought about doing a Blog to share what he’d learned and what he was continuing to learn about the basic principles of an  “Optimally Functional Human.” He knew he had “something to say” from all his years of dedicated research and experience, but “how to say it” in an easy blog format eluded his first tentative efforts.  At some point he experimented with recording his insights and experiences into a digital recorder, and Tom’s University gradually evolved from those first efforts over a period of about two months.

The first Tom’s University class was on September 14, 2008, and there’s been a new class at Tom’s University every day since then.  Some days there’s been more than ten class sessions (ranging from 5 to 15 minutes) and some days only two or three .  Usually there’s a new class topic every day, with each class session focusing on a different aspect of the topic.

Currently (as of June 30, 2010) the structure for Tom’s University is to have one Course per day focusing on one Basic Principle, with nine (9) Class Sessions averaging 5-6 mins. each (no class over 10 mins.).  One class session is posted to the  TU Blog for every course offering — occassionally 2 or 3 class sessions are posted.  We’re calling each class session a Podclass, and our goal is now to post them the same day or within two days of the actual class.   The first Podclass posted to the TU Blog is one of the class sessions from Thursday April 15, 2010: Life is Problems.

Please listen to two or three Podclasses and let Tom (the Head Teacher and “Star Student”) know what you think or learned from the classes.